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 Thank You!! You have arrived at Yoga Dave's 2023 Gratitude Page. 

Hi I am Dave. USAF Veteran, RYT-200 Yoga Instructor, VYP NH State Director, and just plain regular guy. This is the first year that I have participated in Veteran Yoga Project's Gratitude Week! (NOV 3-12) I am so proud to get the oppurtunity to express my gratitude to veterans and their families for their service. During VGW 2023 I will teach a few donation based Mindful Resilence classes.(locations will be announced soon) Also, I am super excited  to be teaming up with some great friends to offer our first Gratitude Day!! A full day of Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Sound Bath, Crystals for sale, Raffles for yoga gear and much more. The big event will be Sunday November 12th at:

The Heart Exchange Yoga & Wellness

15 Ermer Road, Suite 204, Salem NH

Sign up for any or all classes at:  

10/31/23 Happy Halloween!!! Today's Update The schedule:

November 12th Gratitude Day     10am Introduction/ Mindful Resilience Yoga -Dave Noonan

                                                        11:30-12:30 Reiki Infused Guided deep relaxation- Kelcey and Karen

                                                        12:45- 1:45 More Mindful Resilience - Tia Devincenzo

                                                        2:00-3:00 Gentle flow Yoga- Jessica Crespo

                                                        3:15-4:15 All levels Vinyasa- Leslie

                                                        4:30-6:00 Purrrfect Soundbath- Tatiana Tremblay

Here's the link again:

Every donation made here for $25 will receive 1 entry into our raffle for a Manduka Pro series Yoga Mat, Cork Yoga blocks and strap!!! (So a $50 donation gets 2 entries, $75 gets 3 etc.  Please don't forget to enter your name when entering your donation)


ABOUT 2023 Veterans Gratitude Week

We love to serve those who served us. We think you do too! The 18million Veterans in the U.S., their families, caregivers and the other healthcare professionals who support them turn to Veterans Yoga Project every week for the more than 5,000 Yoga and Mindful Resilience practices classes we hold each year.

Veterans Gratitude Week is a national outreach and fundraising event that encourages yoga studios and instructors across the country to host donation-based classes to support the veteran community. Everyone is welcome to take these classes!

Yogis aren’t the only ones supporting our efforts! Individual donations make such a difference. When everyone joins with Gratitude, Resiliency and Support, we all win. Join Us for Veterans Gratitude Week.

Name Date Amount Comments
Lysa Gibbs 11/14/2023 $20.00 So happy to support this cause!
Anonymous Friend 11/13/2023 $50.00  
Roy Youman 11/13/2023 $41.54  
Jeremy Smith 11/13/2023 $200.00 Cash donations
Tiffany Luther 11/12/2023 $50.00 Tiff and Paul Soundbath awesomeness
Brandon LaPorte 11/12/2023 $31.23  
Samson Lee 11/12/2023 $103.39  
Linda Winning 11/12/2023 $15.00  
Wendy Schoneberger 11/12/2023 $100.00 Great class today. Thanks for your service.
Sally Baraka 11/12/2023 $100.00  
Jaclyn Harrison 11/12/2023 $25.00  
CJ LaCreta 11/11/2023 $25.00  
Heart Exchange Yoga 11/11/2023 $125.00  
Rosaly Ulrich 11/11/2023 $26.08  
Barb Cameron 11/11/2023 $26.08 In memory of my dad, Curtis Forsen, he was a WW2 vet.
Donna Belanger 11/11/2023 $50.00 Thank you for your service.
Rachel Belanger 11/11/2023 $51.85  
Gail LaCreta 11/11/2023 $26.08  
Meg Jennings 11/10/2023 $103.39  
Regine Musuamba 11/10/2023 $50.00  
Judie Salemme 11/10/2023 $55.00  
Kevin Sweeney 11/10/2023 $103.39  
Jacqueline LaPorte 11/08/2023 $51.85 Thank you for your service <3
Dolly Harrison 11/08/2023 $50.00  
Lisa Foucault 11/08/2023 $50.00  
Anonymous Friend 11/07/2023 $100.00  
Marie Petroni 11/07/2023 $51.85  
Karen Galipeau 11/07/2023 $25.00 Thank you for your service Please send notice of donation to: With love to Gold Star Mom Joyce Bertolino 17 Lexington Dr Hampstead,NH
Anne Tommasi 11/04/2023 $51.85  
Carolyn Snyder 11/02/2023 $103.39  
Jeremy Smith 11/02/2023 $103.39  
Debra Panner 11/01/2023 $100.00  
Anonymous Friend 10/31/2023 $25.00  
Dan Hammerle 10/31/2023 $51.85  
Will Rusin 10/27/2023 $50.00  
Will Rusin 10/27/2023 $50.00  
Eddie Carvalho 10/11/2023 $25.00  
Anonymous Friend 10/11/2023 $300.00 As a fellow veteran, I really appreciate what you are doing for all of those that served our country. You served and are now serving again.
Paula Moeckel 10/08/2023 $50.00 Glad to see you’re sharing your love of yoga and the inner peace it brings to our veterans. I know it’s been a goal of yours for a while. Thank you for continuing to serve!
Susan Carelli 10/08/2023 $50.00  
Lori Lesofsky 10/08/2023 $50.00 So proud of you, Dave. Keep up the amazing work!
Savannah Labounty 10/04/2023 $51.85 Good stuff Dave :)
JODI THOMPSONCAMPOS 10/03/2023 $25.00 Thank you Dave for supporying a great cause for our veterans
Kristin Provencher 10/03/2023 $25.00 Way to go Dave!!
Mr & Mrs Michael Noonan 09/30/2023 $50.00 In honor of all our active, retired & deceased U. S. military personnel. We are so proud of everyone who selflessly served our country!
Il Ian 09/28/2023 $26.08 ☮️
Carolyn Lopes 09/27/2023 $50.00 Let's go Dave!
Sandy Braccio 09/27/2023 $26.08 Happy to contribute to such a great cause. Namaste 🙏
Susan Hess 09/27/2023 $26.35 In honor of my nephew, U.S. Army Veteran, Rohn Hess, who served in Iraq.
Jason Jepson 09/26/2023 $26.08  
David Kashmere 09/26/2023 $25.00 I Served with Dave in Okinawa, Japan & Albuquerque, New Mexico. His Intentions are True to VETS Needs.
David Noonan 09/17/2023 $25.00 Lets get things started!
  Total $3,073.65  
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